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I realized I never put up a “part two” for our trip to France. So here we go.

For Part One.

After four days in Cannes, we took the train to Paris. It was by far, the most beautiful travel experience through tiny villages, hills and valleys, rainy and romantically gloomy. We ate too much, drank too much, walked just enough, and explored until my brain was full.

One of my favorite moments was taking C through Sacre Coeur. Even though everything was in French and the place was packed, it still held the reverence and quiet  I crave and reach for in the busy city. I showed him all the saints’ statues and explained their stories the best I could. It’s special for me to be able to share the important things I love with my best guy.

Our second day in Paris we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Even though I was mostly focused on the kids playing way too close to the rails, it was amazing to see Paris from way up high and imagine what the place looked like long ago. C rushed us back to our hotel to get ready for our 5:30 dinner reservation. He told me the restaurant had a dress code and I had to dress up— which I rolled my eyes to, and tried to convince him rules are silly and we should just stick it those fancy French rules and I should wear my Adidas tennis. I suppose I’m glad he picked out my outfit.

We arrived at a park, you know because even though we were running late we should stroll through on our way to dinner. It was beautiful and by far the prettiest place I had ever been. I kept repeating it looked like Narnia. We stopped at a bridge and he told me I was pretty or something. Again I rolled my eyes. I still don’t quite know how to take a compliment. The rest I don’t remember much of, just his goofy grin. But it ended with him on one knee and a ring so pretty, I still don’t think it’s mine.

So I suppose he’s my forever man and we’ll grow to be old and squishy and and completely wrinkled from laughing so much together. He’ll make me go on adventures I never dreamed I could go on. He will leave me alone when I need to be, and bring back ice cream when he’s back. He’s the only person I’m ok with being smarter than me and I guess that’s just who you’re supposed to marry.

We THEN went to dinner at l’Arpege and had a 13-course dinner and wine pairing. The whole restaurant  clapped when we sat down and the chef came out to congratulate us at the end of the meal. I really can’t think of a better way to come down off of a dreamy proposal than to eat the most beautiful meal you’ve ever seen and drink the most delicious bottle of wine you’ll probably never have again. He did good.

Our last couple of days we skipped around the Lourve, literally skipped, toured the Catacombs, ate some more, and walked until we had soaked up every last bit of the city.

Now we’re home and I supposed we will celebrate it all next fall.


oh. and here’s a fun video my sweet cousin made for us.

photos by the lovely marion colombani

Francey Pants


I’m not exactly sure where to start. These past three weeks have been some of the most wonderful I’ve experienced, and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Fashion blog, shmashion blog we are heading into full on lifestyle here. But don’t worry, I promise I’ll still tell you what I’m wearing. 

Three weeks ago I flew to Cannes to meet C for our lovely vacation in France. He was there for work and I just couldn’t let him go without me this time. I have never been out of the country aside from Jamaica and Mexico (both resort vacations) so this was extra exciting. Note: I am an awful, anxious flyer and will definitely post some travel tips in another post for all you fellow nervous Nancys.FullSizeRender_2

I arrived in Nice around 10 a.m. and was greeted with beautiful sunshine and a beautiful (yeah, everyone here is handsome) chauffeur. Really, C went all out. He was holding a card with my last name on it—it really doesn’t take much to impress me—and off we went to meet my beau in Cannes. It truly was the most gorgeous car ride I’d ever been on: mountains, the Mediterranean, palm trees, and pastels… basically the Instagram aesthetic I aspire to. FullSizeRender_1

The four days we spent there were filled with movie premiers, long dresses I haven’t sported since prom, Rosé, pizza, oysters and boat rides. It was “pinch me” perfect. I saw Ryan Gosling, Blake Lively and Steven Spielberg on the red carpet and tried not to squeal, because apparently that isn’t allowed when you are on the red carpet and not bystander. I took a boat ride to a teensy island and contemplated my existence as a citizen of the entire world. Because I think in the back of my head I assumed I was on the Truman Show and the only thing that actually existed was me. I went to a premiere after party and stepped on the leading lady’s gown, because me, and danced til my feet were bleeding. 

I realize I am straying from my usual tone, snark-filled and bursting with self-deprecating side notes. But I’m at a loss. I bought new clothes for the trip and I looked good. Like, really good. And I had a blast. C is one of the most thoughtful and romantic people I know (lucky I know) and he was careful to plan our shenanigans down to a T, something I have grown accustom to in our relationship.  I thrive when schedules are involved. I was reminded when I should start getting ready for events, encouraged to explore on my own, and recommended to drop by the french Pharmacies to pick out expensive skincare products. Wow, ok. Writing all of that out has reminded me I should thank him.FullSizeRender_3

Cannes is probably the most picturesque place I’ve ever been, and I hope to have captured enough of it with my DSLR and the new Polaroid camera I purchased just for the occasion. I mean really, when else is a good time to buy one?

I’ve decided to break up the trip in a few posts, so stay tuned for more.

10 Things I Love about my Neighborhood


  1.  Gladys
  2. I thought for the longest time my super knew my name, but was just saying it kind of weird. No, he’s been saying “baby.” But he has cooked me dinner and tells me good morning before I leave for work every day.
  3. I am one block from the farmers market, Brooklyn Public Library and the Brooklyn Museum of Art
  4. Someone is always barbecuing in the summer, so it always smells delicious.
  5. We are two blocks away from Alabama friends and it makes me feel like we’re on Seinfeld.
  6. My neighbor’s dog’s name is Coconut Dragon
  7. The two closest grocery stores are both kind of gross, limited and everything feels sticky. But, it makes decision making easy and quick.
  8. It takes one episode of Serial or Radiolab to get from my house to work and I’m never left with a cliffhanger.
  9. Everyone doesn’t ALWAYS walk with headphones in and sometimes I get head nods and half smiles.
  10. My coffee shop is also an ice cream shop. Great coffee and better ice cream, but there’s also a “kid section” and it’s hard to get work done there because it smells like stale Cheetos and boogers sometimes.


[dress-uo, jacket-uo, shoes-gap (old), bag-dsw]

“you look like a mom going to Disney World in 1975”


I dedicated this weekend  to rest, relaxation, and brunch—a belated start to a New Years resolution. It’s easy to get stuck in the winter months, however mild. Snowy mornings make it hard to wake up early and enjoy a cup of coffee or get in an exercise class before work. And cloudy afternoons are made for Netflix binges and pretty much nothing productive.

This weekend was different, and much needed. Here’s my recipe for a mentally refreshing weekend.

  1. Live in denim culottes. Your boyfriend won’t understand why they’re the coolest, but that’s ok.
  2. Get a library card.
  3. Go to brunch and drink mimosas and eat chicken biscuits.
  4. Paint your nails pastel blue and baby pink.
  5. Paint.
  6. Buy super trendy tennis shoes and promise your boyfriend it’s fashion.
  7. Take a bath with LUSH bath bombs. Twice
  8. Do yoga or just be still. Stop talking for a little bit.
  9. Have breakfast for dinner.
  10. Smile. It’s probably the easiest and most cliche. But sometimes that’s all you really need.

What are your favorite ways to jumpstart your brain and refresh?


[culottes-target (similar), tshirt-uo, coat-my mamaw’s, shoes-adidas, watch-michael kors]

Bonus pic of the handsome photog.



I get knocked down, but I get up again


Last week I was running to catch the train. It was just starting to snow, and I was hoping to get home before things really picked up. The doors were closing and a man stuck his hand out to hold them open for me—how nice of him.

Two steps to go before I would be safely inside and I slipped in the kind of way you see cartoon animals slip on banana peels. I slipped and fell hard on my back. I lay for what felt like two minutes but was probably closer to two seconds before realizing my right arm and leg was between the subway car and the platform, a dangerous place for which new New Yorkers are warned to stay away. I quickly, dizzily rolled my way over to the platform and slowly sat up.

“I think I hit my head,” I said to what I thought would be a crowd of strangers hurrying to lend a hand.

But no one seemed to notice except for the subway conductor who gave me a thumbs up before closing the doors for good. It scared me more than it hurt me, at least until the next day when my whole body ached from what I presume was a combination of whiplash and landing flat on the corner of the subway platform. But not one single person asked me if I was ok, not even when I was sobbing on the stairs for 22 minutes while I waited for the next Q train. Yeah, now you know why I was running to catch the previous one.

Here’s my theory… because I refuse to believe everyone in this city is horrible. Maybe no one thought to comfort me  because I was wearing my black leather jacket. Girls in black leather jackets don’t usually look like they need help. Girls in black leather jackets always look cool and independent and effortless and they also probably don’t fall in public places. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I’m wearing my leather jacket.

I have always wanted a real leather jacket to keep forever and hopefully pass down to my future daughter. And I think this one is pretty perfect. I imagine it camouflaging all of my a-line dresses and and delicate blouses, just so everyone knows I mean business and don’t need your help. Except when I fall.


[jacket-uo (similar), top-free people, jeans-zara, shoes-doc marten, necklace-madewell]

on watching yourself grow up


Having a blog to document arguably one’s most formative years is weird. Having a blog to document what one wears during those most formative years is way weird.

Thankfully I decided early on this little piece of internet would not be a public diary. I saved the majority of my juicy first date night stories and weepy first days in a new city rants (most of them, at least) for spilling into the ears of close friends. Instead these four-ish years of Ragged or Well-Dressed has documented what I look like. Just great.

My relationship with the way I look has, for the most part, been pretty simple.


My relationship with the way I look was solely determined by men until one broke up with me and I cut off all of my hair and started this blog.

My heart was halved and with it my long tresses. But instead of the cliched break-up bob I went full on Miley, letting the hairdresser determine my fate. She said I would look great with the sides buzzed. I followed her lead blindly, leaving my confidence on the floor along with my severed locks. I loved my new do, but no one else really did, leaving me to determine my own worth, my own beauty standards by myself.

The hair was gone and with it the confidence that had once come so effortlessly. My first task in my forray into singledom: I would attempt to style a “going out” look for the downtown Tuscaloosa scene. Turns out I had no “going out” tops for drawing a strategic gaze, my shortest shorts were denim and frayed—and forget dresses, my new hair made me look like a prepubescent boy playing in his mother’s clothes. After multiple outfit changes and with my floor covered in every tank top and sparkly skirt I owned, I chose my denim shorts, a striped SWEATER, and platform sandals. And I looked good. Not one boy looked my way, but I loved what I was wearing and I was happy.

Since then I’ve rocked, no attempted, nearly every trend imaginable and settled somewhere in the middle. Culottes, tulle, crop tops, sequins, boyfriend jeans, leather. But mostly boyfriend jeans and sweaters. And behind each outfit post spewing fashion how-to’s, there was an event I overdressed for, a date scared away by billowing fabric, a Sunday afternoon dress-up session grabbing the closest cousin, friend, crush to catch the twirling half smile I never could figure out. Each outfit takes me back to a very specific story, a specific moment documenting varying levels of confidence.

I was most “me” in a fluffy tulle skirt and mink stole jaywalking across University Boulevard. I loved the way I looked and didn’t think twice about the girls gawking in their athleisure or boys baffled in ill-fitting khakis. Today I don’t think I would be caught dead (Scratch that. Please bury me in that tulle skirt) in tulle or really skirts for that matter. But cheers, old Abbey. That confidence is inspiring to this new, not so confident Abbey swathed in mostly neutrals and ankle-grazing skinny jeans.

My hair has grown out and I’ve learned to not balance my levels of confidence on what I’m wearing or what my hair looks like. But along with hair growth, this blog has also documented adult acne, the death of my high school metabolism, and this chunk of grey hair that has appeared fiercely in my cowlick.

It’s weird to be able look at your physical transformation over time. It puts your body in perspective and it’s not always kind. But it’s kind of really amazing to look back and see how I found myself beautiful in shirts with “GEEK” emblazoned on the front and humongous sweaters that turtlenecked up to my nose, overtly feminine skirts and masculine trousers.

So maybe I just wanted to acknowledge and thank my old self; who discovered at 21 her worth is not in her hair, or how many boys buy her drinks at bars she doesn’t really even want to be at, or in the tag of her new skirt she had to exchange for a larger size. She would love my grey hair. She would love that I found a new minimalist look valuing comfort over style. But she would also want me to love it too. After all this new look, this new body, and this grey hair got her to her dream job in her dream city.

Thanks girl. Love you too.

I think I may be falling for you

My boyfriend accuses me of being too gloomy on here. I prefer “real,” and real life is sometimes gloomy. But In honor of this perfect weather/my favorite season/almost Thanksgiving/this mustard turtleneck that is giving me life right now, I’ll hit some high points. Note: it in fact does take at least one year to feel on top of New York.

1. I scored the above mint green coat from Banana Republic. I bought a petite medium in case you’re wondering. When they say oversized they mean it.

2. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such beautiful fall weather in my life. The highs have been in the 60s!

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Putting the others to shame. I see you. 🌳🍂

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3. I got a job at The Wall Street Journal.

4. I turned 24 since that last time I was here. That was cool I guess.

5. I am going home TWICE in the month of December. I can’t wait to see my mom’s new chickens. (and my mom)

6. My soul sista is getting married and I will complete my maid of honor trifecta. Y’all sure do know how to make a girl feel appreciated

7. My beau is staying in New York on Thanksgiving to make just me dinner when I get home at midnight. I’m a lucky lady.

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baby it's REALLY cold outside

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8. I still live here.

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photos by the lovely Alex Wood.

affordable athleisure

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Full disclosure: this mural is in front of a prison, but the colors were calling my name. I just felt like I was being dishonest being all cheery and such with my donut bag, so I needed to tell someone.

This weekend I celebrated the first long sleeved shirt of the season. And to celebrate the goosebumps acquired on my bagel run, I’m taking this blog for  back-to-the-basics fashion post. Forgive me if I’m rusty.

I’m all about the athleisure trend,  but I’m not about to spend an arm on a leg on pieces I know I won’t wear past these fleeting trendy times. The last time I bought tennis shoes was two years ago, as documented in this post. The last time I bought running clothes, I wore them once for yoga. And the last time I wore a hoodie was high school. This uniform-inspired sweatshirt from Old Navy is my kind of affordable way to salute the Chanel sneaker and Givenchy leggings.

This weekend was spent searching for good food in the neighborhood, which we found in the form of Dough donuts and Rosé sangria at a street fair. Gosh I love this place. Remember when I said the first year in New York is hard/the worst? Well July 3 was my one year with this place and since then everything has been looking up. I won’t go into too many details just yet. But stay tuned!

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[sweater: old navy, jeans: uo, shoes: sam edelman, necklace: h&m]

Good luck, Anna.


For Anna. My beautiful, smart, carefree baby sister. I know you know a lot of this, but I wanted to remind you. I thought about sending you a letter, but I realized it won’t get home in time and you’ll already be at school.

Everyone says college is the most fun four years you will ever have in your life. Yeah, it’s pretty fun. Mom and Dad pay for your meals while you “find yourself” and try to make it to all of your classes. You’ll make lasting friendships, find a couple of boyfriends, and drink cheap beer. It really is the life, but you have to take advantage of this precious time.

Take school seriously.

Just go to class. It really is hard to fail if you go to all of you classes. OK, skipping a few 8 am’s or two won’t hurt because those are a construct of the Devil himself, but more than that and you’ll stress yourself. Feeling behind is the worst. I promise the stress isn’t worth it.

Take a couple fun classes.

I think I learned more life lessons from my “extra” classes than I did the classes I took for my major. Take women’s self defense, pottery, anthropology of sex. Whatever peaks your interest. The “extras” will give you personality points down the line in a future conversation with a boy at a dimly lit bar over artisan cocktails. More importantly they will stretch your mind and make you think about things. Maybe important things.

Be one of the guys, but don’t drink like them.

You and I both see eye to eye on this one. We like to hang with the guys “drama free” (jokes on us, boys cause way more drama than girls). It’s cool to be the easy-going friend who can get in deep conversations with any guy, but freshman boys are freshman boys and they don’t know their limits. Never be the girl with eyes glazed and has to be carried home. But if you do, make sure your ride is sober and don’t be afraid to call someone to pick you up. I really would fly to Birmingham if you needed me, but try Lily first.

On the topic of guys.

You may have a boyfriend, or two, or three, in college. They probably won’t be “the one.” Don’t forget to remind yourself that. You’ll be 21 when you graduate. You can’t  be expected to find your soulmate having only legally been able to drink for three months.

Don’t ever be afraid to say “no.”

You don’t owe anyone anything, no matter what you’re wearing, what you said before, how much you drink, or how much older he is. Even if you just wanted to make out a little, you can still say “no” at any point. You always call the shots. Period.

Dress how you want.

I made it a point in college to call out every girl (in a bi-weekly printed column!) who dressed the same. But just like I “did what I wanted” and wore tutus and sequined pants to class, so can everyone else. If you want to sport the Nike shorts and XXL Comfort Colors tee, by all means do it. It’s hot as hell in Tuscaloosa and I wouldn’t blame you. But don’t be afraid to rock your own look. You are queen of all things boho-chic and you look good in it. Keep it up.

Try everything.

Not everything. That’s not a good excuse to do dangerous or illegal activities. Try every club and every campus event. A bunch of them will be boring or sound lame, but it’s worth it. Not only will you have things to add to your resume (see: very, very important after you graduate) but you will also meet great, wonderful, unique people you would normally not hang out with.

Don’t use a fake.

You will get caught, it will go on your record, and dad will pay a fine. No fun.


Even in a stereotypical southern state school like UA, there are boatloads of people looking for answers outside the box. These people will do big things and you need to listen to them. I learned more from my peers than I did teachers. Listen to outspoken classmates with contrasting opinions. You may not agree, but his/her feelings are valid and you still need to listen. Listen when you think you should argue. It’s much better to hear all sides before coming out with a conclusion of you own.

Never wear heels on Gameday

It’s not worth it. Ever. You will fall over and your feet will bleed.

Good luck with moving in and rush next week. I miss you and love you more.

xoxo and rtr,